Scalable Vision Platform

The physical and digital infrastructure to democratize dynamic curb data.

Leveraging IoT, computer vision, and APIs

Fully wireless cameras

Our patent-pending IoT cameras use solar power and cellular connection to eliminate the need for power and network infrastructure.

Works anywhere

Install in <5 minutes

Image every 60s

Custom vision models

Our vision pipeline supports existing CCTV feeds or our own hardware and can identify:

1. Occupancy of individual spaces
2. Vehicle color, type, and logos
3. Length of stay for specific vehicles

  • Accuracy
    98% or higher

Intuitive APIs

Real-Time API

Add real-time occupancy data to your solution quickly and easily with end points for wayfinding, enforcement, dynamic pricing, and more.

Historical API

Query our database directly to integrate analytics into existing GIS systems or dashboards and generate actionable insights.



Understand demand better than ever before with minute-by-minute occupancy and vehicle characteristics for general parking and commercial loading zones.

View real-time data with a map interface and occupancy percentages by city and zone, and generate historical analytics with customizable time frames, granularity, and spot selection.

Curbs are complicated. Let's fix them together.

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