IoT, Vision,  and APIs

Democratizing curb data with an elegant hardware & software solution.

Getting data is hard
‍‍‍we make it easy

True plug-and-play

Our patent-pending IoT hardware is the first fully wireless camera system using solar power and LTE.

Works anywhere with sun

Takes 5 minutes to install

Captures image every 60s

Custom computer vision model

After starting with an off-the-shelf object detection model, we took the plunge at creating our own custom models, which enables us to:

1. Recognize obstructions to eliminate false positives

2. Expand object detection to more than just vehicles

3. Further increase accuracy of occupancy detection

  • Accuracy
    99% or more

Our APIs are open
‍‍for anyone to use


Our Real-Time API comes packed with functionality allowing developers to access real-time curb space occupancy by spot, zone, type, location, and more.


Our Historical API supports GraphQL so cities, GIS solutions, or consultants can ingest powerful analytics straight from the API without dealing with raw data.

Curbs are complicated. Let's fix them together.

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