Real-Time Parking Data

Integrate and improve existing wayfinding, enforcement, and analytics solutions.


Wireless Cameras

Our patent-pending solar cameras work anywhere without power and take minutes to install.

No Up-Front Cost

One monthly price for the data you want. We provide, install, and operate the hardware for you.

Open Integration

We support your existing parking operations with an open API that makes integration fast and easy.

Deploy in days and pay as you go. It's that easy.

Convenient Wayfinding

Unlock unprecedented convenience with real-time availability, direct-to-spot navigation, and automated parking transactions. Citizens will save time finding parking, leading to less congestion and emissions.

Any existing parking app provider can integrate real-time occupancy data with our open API. Alternatively, we're happy to provide white-label apps catered to your specific needs.

Directed Enforcement

Take the guesswork out of parking enforcement. We can automatically detect and verify violations like meter expirations, blocked bus/bike lanes, double parking, and more.
Whether you want to optimize predictive routes with verified violation data or alert nearby officers in real-time, we can help you encourage compliance and maximize public safety.

Native Analytics

The days of using transactions as a proxy for occupancy are over. Our custom dashboard gives you total insight into demand for parking in your city.

Find out exactly when parking spaces are occupied, the types of vehicles occupying them, how long they stay for, their payment status, and much, much more.

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