Total Curb Insight

Know exactly when and why your loading zones are being used.


Wireless Cameras

Our patent-pending solar cameras work anywhere without power and take minutes to install.

No Up-Front Cost

One monthly price for the data you want. We provide, install, and operate the hardware for you.

Open Integration

We support your existing parking operations with an open API that makes integration fast and easy.

Deploy in days and pay as you go. It's that easy.

Accurate, Verifiable, Real-Time Data

Your source-of-truth for loading zone utilization.

> Occupancy

Find out when different loading zones are occupied, accurate to the minute.

> Dwell Time

Track dwell times to verify compliance and purpose (i.e. rideshare vs freight)

> Vehicle Type

Predict use case and fleet with vehicle type/color (i.e. brown truck = UPS)

Combine different data sets to get a full picture of when they are being used, why they are being used, and who is using them.
Dynamically allocate your curb assets throughout the day to balance the needs of different types of commercial activity.
Ensure compliance with new rules, monitor utilization over time, and proactively identify trends in demand.
Implement LPR and permit-verification functionality to completely automate loading zone billing and enforcement.
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