$3 billion annual revenue
rate with initial markets


Revolutionizing parking in smart cities with your help

Our milestones so far


Raised $125K from friends, family, and angel investors.


Linker Logic Technologies

Developing VADE's Computer Vision software, admin portal, and API.

United Public Safety

GovTech enforcement solutions provider. Has over $4M in annual revenue and works with over 150 cities.


Building our ParkSight cameras, includes wireless capabilities and solar technology.

Pilot Testing

Ran a pilot test in Radnor, PA for 5 days, covering a total of 50 spots. During this pilot, we worked with United Public Safety to capture 167 parking violations longer than 30 minutes. Of those 167 violations, only 17 were cited by officers.

First Customer

Signed with United Public Safety as our first enforcement customer for launch (pre-rev).

Pre seed objectives

ParkSight Cameras

Finishing development and production setup with Breadware in July.

City Pilots

Cary, NC

Installing 5 cameras in Cary, NC to pilot in their smart city initiative, working with city to determine price of future analytics subscription.

Chapel Hill, NC

Installing 10 cameras in Chapel Hill, NC and integrating with ParkMobile to generate parking app revenue.

Raleigh, NC

Installing 10 cameras covering a street and lot in a three month pilot to track occupancy in areas with recent price changes.

Radnor, PA

Installing 10 cameras in Radnor, PA and integrating with United Public Safety to generate enforcement revenue.

Pittsburgh, PA

Installing 10 cameras on Walnut Street in a one month pilot to measure occupancy for a dynamic pricing initiative.


Looking to sign contracts for deployment in pilot cities and other small cities and operators.

With seed objectives

Case Studies

Create comprehensive case studies of deployment in initial cities focusing on city outcomes and repeatability.

Initial Expansion

Expand to five cities of similar size and scope with ParkSight+ platform to generate meaningful recurring revenue.

Sell Data

Sell aggregated data in external markets like big data, auto manufacturers, real estate, retail site selection, and transportation analytics.


Work with vendors in installed cities to design a path to scale through B2B partnerships.