Welcoming Tom Szubka to our Board

Matty Schaefer

CEO & Co-Founder

September 3, 2020

It's our pleasure to announce that Thomas Szubka has joined our Board of Directors! Tom has held an advisory role for us over the past year and has been instrumental in helping us build the company. We are grateful and excited to welcome Tom into his new role, and continue working together to power the future of urban mobility by democratizing dynamic curb data.

"I am excited to play a part with VADE, supporting its energetic approach to an industry that is evolving in its understanding of data as the new currency." (Thomas Szubka)

Tom brings a wealth of experience and connections to the team. Tom started in the industry more than two decades ago, and since then has progressed through a variety of operational and sales roles for the City of Tampa, T2 Systems, Cale, Flowbird, and Walker Consultants. Through those experiences, Tom has developed an incredible network of decision makers on both the public and private sides of the industry.

Tom's combination of industry expertise, connections, and business acumen makes him a powerful resource to have on our Board. As a new startup with a highly technical product in a relationship-based industry, we're confident that having Tom on the team and in a key role will be vital to our success.

Welcome to the team, Tom!

- Matty, Ritwik, and Christian