Welcoming Paul Dillon to our Advisory Board

Ritwik Pavan

CMO & Co-Founder

October 2, 2020

There's been a lot that's happened over the last month. We're excited to have Paul Dillon as a new addition to our advisory board!


For the past two decades Paul has played an integral part in the parking industry. Paul has directed parking and transportation services for municipal, private, academic, and medical center parking operations. From his college years managing a small hotel valet operation to his most recent role serving as a Regional Director, guiding a multi million dollar parking and transportation portfolio, Paul brings a wealth of knowledge to Vade. Paul received his CAPP accreditation in 2014. He is also recognized as a Garage site certifier through GBCI and serves as an advisor for the IPMI APO program.

"Vade has built a cost effective camera and technology solution that will radically enhance the mobility and transportation sector. The applications for the VADE solution are endless. From lowering overhead, reducing CBD congestion, loading zones, to enhancing the overall functionality and profitability of the parking system — Vade has the solution. The Vade product will be key to the parking industry rebound and going forward."

— Paul Dillon

Joining the Team

By joining on as an advisor, Paul takes our startup to the next level. We've been able to benefit from his experience in the industry and his understanding of the technology needed to further advance the parking industry. Over the past few weeks, Paul was able to introduce our team to other leaders in the parking industry including our new VP of Sales Jack Shelton on board.

Over the next year, as we focus on product / scale, Paul will be a vital asset in bringing us sales opportunities and also help to ensure that we are building a product that customers want and need. Having Paul on our team will help grow our operations and build the necessary tools to help smart cities leverage real-time parking data.

Welcome to the team Paul! We're thrilled to have you on board.

— Ritwik, Matty, and Christian