Real-Time API

Dynamic data delivered through functional endpoints.

class VadeSpotRealtime:
     uuid: str                                       # database identifier for spot
     name: str                                     # easy to read name for spot
     mdid: str                                      # secondary easy name for spot
     location: GeoPoint                        # geo-location for the spot
     threshold: float                            # occupancy confidence threshold
     raw_score: float                          # raw occupancy confidence score
     last_updated: datetime                # last time spot updated in system
     occupied: bool                             # whether or not spot is occupied
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5 cities
242 cameras
1,058 curb spaces
288,546 daily data points
8,641,896 total data points

Real-Time API Endpoints

> By Spot
Verify the occupancy status of an individual curb space based on location or spot ID for enforcement routing or alerts.
> By Zone
Monitor the occupancy levels of different zones to automate dynamic pricing by adjusting prices based on custom thresholds.
> By Geo
Track the occupancy of all spots within a radius around a location to show users live availability and power direct-to-spot navigation.

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