Our Story
The past, present, and future of Vade.
Founding Team

Matty Schaefer (COO)
Business Admin @ UNC
500K subs and 70M views on YouTube
Works on growth, biz dev, fundraising

Ritwik Pavan (CEO)
Computer Science @ UNC
Founder of Linker Logic Technologies
Works on product, sales, marketing

Christian Burke (CTO)
Electrical Engineering @ NC State
Runs Burke's Labs, Invented Juul Spinner
Works on hardware, software, logistics

The Hidden Cost of Parking
According to INRIX Research, every year the average American...

Spends 17 hours looking for parking

Pays for 13 hours of time they don't use

Incurs $12 in parking tickets

In total, inefficiencies in parking costs American drivers $96B every year.
Data is the New Oil

It's no secret that data is the future. But like all things, you need the right tool for the job. Facebook has user data, Tesla has driving data, and Amazon has purchasing data. It begs the question, what's the right data for parking?

real time, per spot parking availability

Our Proprietary IoT Solution

ParkSight Cameras
Our patent pending, fully wireless cameras can be installed on any pole or building in a matter of minutes.

Computer Vision
We use a powerful computer vision tool to detect when vehicles are occupying parking spaces.

Database and APIs
We store the resulting data with the coordinates and ID of each spot, which can be accessed through our API.

The Road Ahead

MVP of Hardware

Production Backend

Production Frontend

Full City Launch

MVP of Backend

Pilot with Raleigh, NC

Production Hardware





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