Verifiable &
Curb Data

No Power or WiFi.
No Maintenance.
No Up-Front Cost.

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Real-Time Data Made Easy

See for yourself, the data below is real and live from Seattle.


Proprietary IoT Technology

Making real-time data more accessible, affordable, and usable.

Fully Wireless Cameras

Our patent-pending IoT cameras use solar power and cellular connectivity to eliminate the need for any existing infrastructure. They work anywhere, take just 5 minutes to install, and capture an image every minute for 12 hours per day.

Custom Computer Vision

The cameras transmit the encrypted images to our server, where custom computer vision models are applied to detect the occupancy of pre-defined spaces and identify the color and type (i.e. red sedan) of vehicles in spaces.

Data-Oriented Software

We provide a dashboard for city officials to view real-time data and generate historical analytics, as well as an open API for cities, vendors, or third parties to integrate and improve existing solutions.

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Dynamic Curb Management

We help cities understand, manage, and automate their curbs.

Case Studies

Find out exactly when, where, and why different curb spaces are used around your city.


Show citizens real-time availability and navigate them directly to the nearest open space.

Automatic Billing

Implement user-paid loading zone monetization with LPR to automatically bill by the minute.

Public Safety

Automatically identify and notify nearby officers of double parking, blocked bike lanes, and more.

Flexible Allocation

Allocate your curb inventory to satisfy competing needs of citizens, bikers, fleets, TNCs, and more.

Dynamic Pricing

Adjust pricing using real-time occupancy levels to improve turnover and reduce congestion.