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We provide real-time parking data to drivers and cities.
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What is VADE?

Reinventing the parking industry

On average, American drivers spend 17 hours a year looking for a parking spot. VADE aims to reduce that time by connecting drivers to open parking spaces and allowing cities to make informed decisions with real-time and historical data.

Who is VADE for?

Whether you’re a driver that needs to quickly find parking or an enforcement officer patrolling the city for parking violations, VADE is an integrated platform that streamlines parking logistics for everyone.

Dynamic, reliable real-time analytics

powered by Computer Vision.

Get detailed reports of citywide parking data all in one place.
Increase city revenue with dynamic pricing.
Meet the needs of drivers by analyzing parking trends.
Leveraging data, city officials can make high quality decisions.

Game-changing parking solutions

Collect occupancy data. Power parking automation. Make parking easier.


Centralize parking administration with automated occupancy validation, data collection, and digital compliance.


Drivers can save time and expedite their destination arrival time by looking at live parking space availability.

Data analytics

Cities can collect and analyze real-time parking data to make well-informed decisions for urban planning.

The most complete solution,
with recurring revenue

Parking enforcement shouldn't be an expense. Optimize officer efficiency by automatically capturing occupancy violations via our ParkSight cameras, and monetize live data by using Data as a Service (DaaS).

With wireless technologies, our cameras are easy to install, maintain, and are capable of being placed in many locations.

ParkSight's automated parking enforcement and coverage of up to 15 spots allows you to meet the fast-paced demands of on street parking. Drivers will also have a better experience by getting to their destination faster, leading to more repeat customers and therefore better business.

VADE offers a complete parking solution. Our ParkSight cameras work in both on and off-street settings, so you can monitor all parking activities in a single platform.

The possibilities of DaaS are endless. Using data analytics collected through computer vision, cities can make cost-effective and informed urban planning decisions, set profit-driven parking prices based on busy times, and more.


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