Cities need parking data.

Our IoT solution makes real time parking data more accessible than ever so cities can decrease congestion and increase turnover.
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The Problem With Parking.

Drivers spend an average of 17 hours each year searching for a parking spot, which causes up to 30% of traffic in cities. The problem isn't how much parking we have, it's how we use it; real-time parking data fixes that.

Patent Pending IoT Solution.

We've designed the first fully wireless cameras using solar power and a cellular connection. Whether it's on street spots or surface lots, our cameras can be installed anywhere in a matter of minutes.

Data-As-A-Service Model.

We built a powerful, easy-to-use suite of APIs to get this data where it should be. Whether that's analytics, enforcement, wayfinding, or payments, we integrate with existing parking vendors to automate and improve their solutions,

Powered by Computer Vision

Enforcement solutions can integrate this data to increase efficiency and generate revenue.
Native occupancy analytics can better inform cities for crucial, high priority parking decisions.
Drivers can go directly to the nearest open spot with the same apps they already using.
Our system uses advanced object detection models to detect parking spot occupancy with 95% occupancy.


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