Connecting the Curb

Powering curb management and urban mobility with real-time curb data.

Reimagining the curb for the 21st century

Rideshare, e-commerce, and delivery networks have changed urban mobility. It's time for the curb to catch up.

Powerful Analytics
Understand who, when, and why curbs are used.
Live Occupancy
Make wayfinding more convenient and efficient.
Safer Streets
Eliminate double parking, blocked bike lanes, etc.
Monetizate without the operational headache.

Patent-Pending Solar Cameras

No Power Needed, No Up-Front Cost

How Vade can help you:

For Cities

One subscription for our cameras, installation, maintenance, computer vision, API access, and dashboard.

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For Fleets

Power last-mile logistics with real-time loading zone occupancy built for modern routing and ETA systems.

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For Apps

Delight users with live parking availability, direct-to-spot navigation, and automated parking payments.

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Curbs are complicated. Let's fix them together.

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