Connecting the Curb

Our Mission

Our goal is to power the future of urban mobility by making standardized and dynamic curb data accessible to all.

Our vision

A world where every curb space is used, managed, and monetized automatically and efficiently.

The Problem

As cities grow, the inefficient usage and management of curbs has led to increased costs for businesses, cities, and citizens.

The Solution

We built a proprietary IoT solution to monitor curb space occupancy in real-time with an open API for mobility solutions.



We built patent-pending IoT cameras with solar power and LTE connectivity that take minutes to install and work anywhere. Then we apply computer vision to produce real-time curb space occupancy data.



We believe in the power of data as the ultimate tool to make meaningful and measurable improvements in cities as they plan to become smarter. Our solution makes dynamic curb data accessible to any mobility solution with our open API.