Parking the way it should be. Simple, and hassle-free.

Our goal is to help drivers find and pay for parking.

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How are we changing the game?

Collect Occupancy Data. Power parking automation. Make parking easier.


Boost officer efficiency with automatic occupancy validation and digital compliance.


Drivers can see open parking spaces in real-time and get to their destination faster than ever.


Allow drivers to pay from parking apps with one tap and extend their session remotely at any time.

The Future of Parking

The average American driver spends 17 hours per year finding parking. Employing parking automation technologies, we can dramatically reduce time spent on parking and get more done.

Our solutions are cost-effective, convenient, easy to monitor, and easy to use.

It is impractical and expensive to have parking solution companies collect live occupancy data for cities with a population of less than 250,000.

We're able to provide cost-effective solutions through the use of existing technologies and a B2B DaaS (data as a service) model. This allows us to maximize how many users we can serve and how much data we can collect.

Enforcement officers can monitor city parking through a centralized computer. Our system allows them to track:

  • Expired parking
  • Duration of stay
  • Open spots
  • Frequency

Using this powerful tool, they can efficiently administer regulations and analyze trends.

Automated parking should be simple and hassle-free. Our solutions are as simple to use as opening an app on your phone. In the app, users will be able to:

  • See open parking spots in real-time
  • Navigate to the open spot via GPS
  • Pay and extend their parking duration from anywhere

Our simple and easy to use platform will decrease city traffic and help drivers save gas. This not only increases safety on the road, it reduces harmful emissions as well. Local businesses will also benefit by having their customers find parking faster.

The Driving Forces Behind Our Solutions

VADE+ Camera

VADE tracks parking spots by capturing real-time images every 30 seconds. Each camera covers up to 15 spots and includes SIM modules, solar power modules, and variable mounting (CCTV) technologies.

Computer Vision

Powered with Python, our software processes data received from the Raspberry Pi Zero cameras.

The computer-vision software allows you to view important information such as payments, occupied parking spots, the state of each camera, and historical data.

Leveraging data

Existing operations can be optimized and better mobility systems can be built by studying trends and how and where people park.

Our software displays and analyzes all of this data for you so that you can make informed decisions.

Intuitive application

With an easy-to-use API, developers and users can use VADE's platform to implement smart parking.

VADE+ Cameras

Automated parking starts here.

SIM Modules

Connect each camera to the main computer vision software wirelessly to reduce the complications of wires.

Variable Mounting CCTV

The camera's flexible variable mounting allows it to be installed in many ways to accommodate for different angles.


As an outdoors camera subject to harsh and constantly changing conditions, it's vital that the cameras are sturdy and weather resistant.

Computer Vision

The software behind the cameras. All of the automation is made possible through this integrated software.

Solar Power

To reduce costs and promote energy sustainability, our cameras use solar technologies.


In case of electrical problems, the cameras have a backup battery.

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