Connecting the Curb

Powering curb management and smart mobility with dynamic data.

Our Solution

Wireless Cameras

Computer Vision

Open API

SaaS Model

Our Process

We work with cities to choose exactly which curb spaces to cover.
We supply and install the hardware at no up front cost to the city.
We offer API access to cities, vendors, and mobility solutions.
We constantly improve our solution with new hardware and software.

Our Use Cases

Parking Apps

Parking apps can show users real-time parking availability, direct to the nearest open spot, and charge by the minute.

Guided Enforcement

Enforcement solutions can verify the occupancy of expired spots before sending an officer to issue a citation.

Native Analytics

Cities can use native occupancy analytics instead of deriving occupancy from transactional data to make better decisions.

Consumer Wayfinding

Navigation apps like Waze can show users real-time parking availability and direct them to the nearest open spot.

Fleet Management

Fleets like UPS, Uber, and GrubHub can use live loading zone occupancy for routing and compliance to reduce double-parking.

Dynamic Pricing

Cities and curb management solutions can dynamically price different curb spaces based on occupancy to improve turnover.

Curbs are complicated. Let's fix them together.

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